Sunrooms & Pergolas

Minnesota is one of the nicest states to live in. With beautiful snow-capped mountains in the winter and with long sunny days in the summer, you can experience the best all of the seasons have to offer. One way to make the most out of the all-natural setting in your backyard is to consider a sunroom. A sunroom is a specially designed construction which provides protection from the weather but offers a better view of the outdoors with wide windows in an elegant design.  A sunroom is perfect for entertaining, for living and for enjoying all that Minnesota has to offer.

Twin Cities Sunrooms & Pergolas

If you are looking to boost the value of your home and enjoy a higher standard of living, then consider adding a sunroom to your current residence. Sunrooms are an easy extension to any property and may be just the thing you need to add space to your home in a unique and natural way.

A sunroom can be designed and decorated anyway you wish. Many homeowners will use the sunroom as an additional living space with lounges, large potted plants and side tables to have tea with guests or curl up with a good book. However, you can choose to use your sunroom anyway you wish. You may want to transform this space into a beautiful playroom for the kids or create a natural office environment if you work from home. Create a more inspiring place to exercise by changing your sunroom into a home gym or create the perfect yoga studio in your own home.

Minneapolis & St. Paul Pergolas and Sunrooms

Another beautiful way to make the most of your outdoor area and the warm summer days in Minnesota is with a pergola. Pergolas are often used to protect flowers and garden features but they also provide a lovely outdoor feature to your home. You can spice up your backyard with a beautiful gazebo set within the garden or add a place to entertain guests under a pergola. Pergolas can be designed out of wood, stone, pillar, vinyl, steel and many other materials. It all depends on what you want.

Pergolas can enhance your landscape and provide a shaded oasis. Many people will look into placing a spa underneath the gazebo fixture while others will choose to use this space as a barbeque area. There are endless possibilities to transforming your backyard into a gardener’s oasis with the addition of a pergola, gazebo, arbor or other outdoor construction.

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