Storm Damage

Twin Cities Storm Damage Restoration

The weather in Minnesota is unpredictable to say the least. While our homes are built to withstand the pressure of heavy rainfall, hail, wind, snow and anything else, thousands of homeowners are left with unexpected damage to their property due to storms every year. Storm damage affects all different areas of your property but some of the areas that are most commonly damaged include your siding, your gutters and your roof. If you have experience damaged to your home during a storm, then you will most likely need a professional to assess the damage and correct the area as quickly as possible.

Fast Reliable Service after Storm Damage

VR Remodelers and Builders are a leading Minneapolis home renovation company with years of experience. Because we are a small privately owned company we can offer you personalized attention. We look for solutions that are not only suitable to your home and your space but also that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We would love to help you out after any damage to your property.

Hail Damage Repair Twin Cities

Our services extend to any area of your home that has been damaged due to harsh weather conditions including:

  • Hail damage
  • Rain storms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Snow and ice damage
  • Fallen trees and branches
  • Water damage

Storm damage can cause you a lot of problems for both your interior and exterior. The last thing you want to come home to is a broken window or a roof that is half collapsed. Furthermore, the last thing you want to wake up to is half a foot of water in your bathroom due to a leaking roof or half of your living room soaked because of a broken window.

Storm Damage Repair Minneapolis & St. Paul

One of the questions that you will have when you are faced with storm damage is whether your insurance will cover it or not. Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover damage caused by a storm as well as other natural disasters such as an earthquake or hail. The good thing about working with VR Remodelers is that we work closely with a number of different insurance providers across Minnesota. Often we will work directly with your insurance company so you can avoid any costs or claims.

Another question you will probably have is ‘how fast can you get it done?’ VR Remodelers work with a team of licensed and professional contractors which means we can be there as soon as you need us.

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Having the damage caused by a storm quickly and efficiently is what we do best at VR Remodelers and Builders. Even if you were not planning on remodeling your home anytime soon, a storm may change your mind. Whether you are after a quick fix or whether you want to take this time to renovate and upgrade your property, let us help you with every step along the way. Contact VR Remodelers and Builders at 952-426-4444 for more information.