Has your siding been damaged in a storm or serious natural disaster? Are you looking to update your siding? Or, are you choosing a new type of siding for a new construction that you are designing and building from the ground up? If so, then VR Remodelers and Builders can help. We provide a personalized and one-on-one service to homeowners across Minnesota looking to replace the siding on their home. We offer a wide range of siding options including vinyl siding, aluminum siding and timber siding. Find the right look for your home with the help of the trusted team at VR Remodelers and Builders.

Siding Replacement Minnesota

One of the first things you need to think about when choosing the right siding is the type of home that you have. Some of the questions you may need to ask include:

  • What style of home do you have?
  • What are the features around the property?
  • What are the colors you have selected for your fencing, your fascia and other aspects of your home?
  • Where does your house face in relation to the sun?
  • Are you in a storm prone area?

Siding for New and Old Construction

Siding ranges in price depending on the material that you want. Timber siding, for example, offers a beautiful and elegant look that will complement homes with other timber structures but it can be a tad expensive. You can get the look of timber with other options such as vinyl siding or you can opt for something a little more modern and edgy such as steel or aluminum siding. Steel and aluminum, as well as vinyl siding are maintenance and hassle free and are resistant to a number of hazards including mold, mildew, rust, rotting, insect damage and even fire damage.

The process of replacing your siding does not have to be a difficult one. It is important that you know exactly what the procedure entails so you can be prepared. When you work with the team at VR Remodelers and Builders you will be informed on how the job is going every step of the way. We offer a hassle free solution to renovations and remodels all the while offering you high quality materials and affordable quotes.

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One of the things that set our Minneapolis siding contractors apart is that we are a locally owned small business. We offer a personalized edge that many companies do not include in their services. We like to get to know you and your unique tastes so we can come up with a siding option that you will love for years and years to come. We want to not only provide your home with protection, but also provide you with a look that harmonizes with your exterior features as well as with your personal tastes. For more information on any siding project, Contact VR Remodelers and Builders at 952-426-4444.

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