Shakopee, MN Home Remodeling

Your home is your castle and that is why it is very important to make sure it is in the best condition possible. This starts with your roofing, siding, windows, doors, and everything that is designed to protect your investment. And if you want to change the appearance of your home rather than build a new one or buy another one, our Shakpee remodelers can turn your vision into a reality.


There are many elements that go into your roofing. Some of those elements include the substrate, flashing, soffit and fascia, shingles, ventilation, and more. If anything happens to any of the roofing components, you risk a leak. If a leak is allowed to persist, then the damage to the structure can be quite expensive. Through our Shakopee roofing services, we are able to address issues as soon as possible so you can avoid expensive repairs, as well as mold and mildew issues.

We can also work with your gutters. We can repair gutters and replace them. It is important to ensure the entire gutter system is in the best condition so it directs water away from the home like it should. This is another measure that can ensure expensive repairs are avoided.


Siding is another important component to a home. If you have siding, it protects your home’s walls from water and debris. If siding is missing, the water can infiltrate the walls and lead to damage. We can replace missing siding or we can do a complete installation if you want something different.

Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors are responsible for both security and climate control. The window options that we present to you will allow you to choose the windows you want. The same applies to the door options. You can achieve privacy, security, and keep the outside air outside. This leads to energy savings in the way of reduced heating and cooling costs.

New Construction & Additions

We also specialize in new construction projects, such as building a home addition. Rather than buying another house or building one that meets your needs, you can have your existing home modified. It is very possible to make it appear as if the addition was always there due to the seamless integration and craftsmanship. On the outside of the home, we can build a deck if you’d like or repair or expand your existing one. Just tell us what you require and we can tell you how to make it happen.


Lastly are the remodeling services we are very well-known for. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basements, and can overhaul practically any room in the home. Our Shakopee remodelers can install new cabinetry, flooring, and more.

Contact A Shakopee Remodeling Contractor

The services that VR Remodelers & Builders offers don’t just stop at remodeling projects, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We also work on your roofing, siding, decks, install windows and doors, and we build additions and other new structures. We want to be your one-stop-shop, which is why we offer so much. To find out more about our service offerings and how we can help in your unique project, call us at 952-426-4444 to request a free estimate.