Remodels & Repairs

Are you looking into changing the look of your home in any way? If so, then VR Remodelers and Builders would love to help. We provide a wide range of remodeling and repair services to homeowners across Minnesota.  Some of our remodeling and repair services include:

Storm Damage – living in Minnesota comes with plenty of perks; however, one of the not-so-great things about this beautiful state is the weather can be quite unpredictable. While Minnesota homes are built to withstand the pressure, sometimes the weather gets too much. If your house has been damaged due to any type of storm, from hail to snow, then you want a company that can repair the problem as quickly as possible. We offer this and much more. Not only can you expect a speedy repair but we also work with your insurance company to minimize the out of pocket expenses.

Roofing Repairs – one of the first areas in your home where you may suspect a problem is your roof. Even if one shingle is damaged this can cause mold, mildew and water damage to your home. Don’t wait until your roof is completely leaking to contact someone to help. Having your roof inspected and any minor repairs done as soon as possible will prevent further damage down the road.

Interior Remodeling – many homeowners are choosing the easier path when it comes to getting what they want by remodeling their current property rather than selling. You can reduce the costs of moving and the stress that comes with selling and buying property and instead customize exactly what you want in the home that you are comfortable in. Our remodeling services extend to any room in the house but some of the more popular spaces to renovate include the kitchen, the bathrooms and the basement, all of which can outdate your home the quickest. Renovating these areas will not only modernize your home and add value to your property but they can also provide you with a lovely place to unwind after work and to enjoy your home.

Twin Cities Home Remodeling

Many homeowners will put off remodeling any part of their home simply because of the stress that comes with renovations. Yes, renovations can be stressful, especially if you choose to do it yourself, but this isn’t always the case. With VR Remodelers and Builders you can expect the least amount of stress and hassle possible. We will work around your routine and your personal life to disrupt your schedule as minimal as possible. We will also explain every minor detail of the procedure so you know what to expect. It is our mission to provide you with a better way to enjoy your home. Contact VR Remodelers and Builders at 952-426-4444 for more information.