Lakeville, MN Home Remodeling

When you need a remodeling company that can do it all, such as take care of your roof, siding, gutters, basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, windows and doors, and even build home additions and decks, VR Remodelers & Builders can make all of that a reality so you can have the home that you deserve. In turn, your home stands stronger and lasts longer.


Your roofing is a vital part of your home. This is because it is what protects everything inside. If a leak comes about, then that single leak can cause damage to much more than the substrate of the roof. It can leak into the attic or flow into the interior walls, causing mold and mildew. Wet boards also start to rot and this can compromise the entire structure. Through our Lakeville roofing service, we are able to inspect, catch damage quickly, and initiate repairs so you don’t have to worry about further damage.

The gutters also need attention in that they direct water from the roof to the downspouts and then away from the foundation. Gutters that are clogged need to be cleaned out and those that are damaged need to be replaced. If you need your entire gutter system replaced, we can do that for you.


Another defensive element of the home’s exterior is the siding. Siding can absorb impact, keeps water from making its way to the walls, which means they’ll stay dry and sturdy. When choosing a siding, you do have different types and colors to choose from. This means you are going to be able to make sure your siding matches the architecture of the home and your preferences.

Decks & Additions

We also specialize in new construction. If you need a deck, we can build the deck of your dreams. If you need an additional room built onto the home, we can do that as well. Both of these projects are ways you can add space, aesthetic appeal, and value to your home.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Through our Lakeville kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we make sure you have the kitchen and bathroom that you want. We can replace your old flooring, your old cabinetry, and so much more. That way you have the change of scenery that you need.

Windows & Doors

Our Lakeville windows and doors installation service helps you choose which windows are the best for your home, taste, and budget. You can also choose the doors that you want without an extremely high cost. When you have the proper windows and doors in place, you will save money on your heating and cooling costs because of more effective climate control during every season.

Contact A Lakeville Remodeling Contractor

Whether you need new construction, such as an addition; a new roof, a deck, complete siding installation, or a change of scenery inside your home, VR Remodelers & Builders can make this happen for you and at the right price. To learn more about our services and everything we can offer you, call us at 952-426-4444 to request a free estimate.