Kitchen Remodeling

At VR Remodelers we know how important your kitchen is to the overall look and feel of your home. The kitchen is one of the most used places in the house and you want an area that feels cozy yet spacious, organized yet personal. We understand these needs and desires and have all the solutions you need to customize the perfect kitchen that is catered to your specific needs and your unique tastes.

Minneapolis & St. Paul Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you want a kitchen modeled after the older style of homes, with timber cabinets and bench tops or whether you are looking for something modern with stainless steel, we can help. We provide a wide range of different options for your kitchen space and can help you with:

  • Cabinets and cupboard selection
  • Bench tops
  • Splash backs and sinks
  • Tiles and flooring
  • Appliance selection
  • Lighting
  • And more

Customize Your Kitchen

Many people want a kitchen that allows you to oversee the living and dining area. That way you can cook and clean while you watch the children play or do their homework. There are plenty of solutions that we can help you with, regardless of the layout of your home.

Another problem that many people find with their current kitchen arrangement is that there is limited space to store all the items. Because of this, your bench tops may look cluttered and you may find that there is no room to actually cook. Let us help you find the right pantry and cabinet options for you that offer the perfect and convenient place for all of your items.

One of the areas in the kitchen that can really show its age is the appliances. While some appliances are quite easy to install, others, such as the oven and stove top, require a licensed electrician. Let us help you with your appliance selection and installation – it’s all part of the service at VR Remodelers.

Your flooring will also impact the overall look of your kitchen. Hardwood floors are a beautiful finish to any kitchen but many people are concerned about the water damage. There are plenty of other options such as laminate, linoleum and tiles of all designs and colors.

Kitchen Remodeling Twin Cities

Because we are a small locally owned company you can expect personalized service at an affordable price. We get to know each and every one of our clients so we can determine the right design for your home and your space.  We look at your lifestyle, your layout and the interior design of your home to come up with a kitchen remodel that complements the rest of the house and balances your personal tastes.

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If you are considering a kitchen renovation, then we can certainly help. We offer a free estimate to help you decide if this is the right decision for you at this time in your life. Contact VR Remodelers and Builders at 952-426-4444 for more information.

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